Picture of Vitay Golz

Vitay Golz

Founding Manager
CTF & Intelligence Expert

Vitay is responsible for our Counter Terrorism Operations and Risk Management. 

It is his belief that to lastingly reduce financial crime, AFC work should not be carried out behind closed doors. Instead, every major success fighting it should be published, and its approach shared with the AFC community. That way, criminals will not only recognize the consequences of their actions, but their exploitation of financial structures can be limited more effectively.

In his work, Vitay uses a multidisciplinary methodology of both qualitative and quantitative techniques, finding and investigating previously undetected risk areas, patterns and severe financial crime threats. Prior to joining BerFin, Vitay founded the Financial Intelligence Unit at an industry leading Neo-Bank. He played a key role in the creation of a prototype transaction monitoring tool, unveiling syndicates, clusters, and networks of related Financial Crime users.