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Observations of the AFC FinTech Sector

The Problem

There is lack of understanding in the market around the effective prevention of financial crime that creates impediments on growth as well as unwanted regulatory pressure.

Senior Management

  • Lack of practical understanding of BAU tasks
  • Lack of understanding of exposed and actual risks
  • Inability to provide adequate support / guidance for AFC Staff


  • Lack of practical BAU understanding
  • Lack of in depth technical advice on solutions
  • Solutions are tailored for traditional banks

AFC Staff

  • Lack of seniority
  • Challenging communication to PMOs and Senior Manag.
  • Improper setup leads to legacy issues since day 1

The Solution

By the creation of a specific AFC Advisory driven by the staff that build the AFC setup for the largest German FinTech, N26, specific advisory can be provided to build FinTech specific solutions.