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Market Analysis 2020

Here is an overview of the FinTech and their Risk Exposure in 2020

FinTech Market

Industry comprises around >350 companies. Fintech products can be divided into different categories such as banking, payment or factoring. As shown on the top right, the German Finances Ministry has highlighted growing investments in the Fintech segments, providing a very interesting outlook for the upcoming years.

German Ministry of Finances’ outlook in terms of growth of the FinTech wealth management and financing segments

Risk exposure

As the growing public debate about financial crime, especially given the latest scandals (i.e. Wirecard), starts to focus on the legislation and the  supervisory authorities effectiveness, it is easily foreseeable how the topic will become more and more prevalent in Germany. Therefore, as the number of Suspicious Activity Reports (with raising operational costs) quadrupled in the last 10 years, the additional scrutiny of the authorities will require a new level of caution and risk handling.

Number of SARs to the German FIU 2009-2020