Picture of Dejan Davidovic

Dejan Davidovic

Member of the Board of Advisors

Mr. Davidovic is the co-founder and Chief Operating and Integrity Officer of Kriptomat Group, Estonia and Europe’s fast-growing cryptocurrency investing platform. 

Dejan is a dynamic and innovative leader who has transformed Kriptomat into a regulatory white knight in the often murky and complex world of cryptocurrency. He has done this by building a culture of compliance, integrity, and customer safety that has set Kriptomat apart in the industry. 

With an unwavering commitment to AFC measures, legal compliance, and regulatory oversight, Dejan has established Kriptomat as a beacon of transparency in the industry. He has optimized safety for customers through advanced security measures, meticulous vetting of technical partners, and regulatory compliance.

Dejan’s efforts have enabled Kriptomat to make compliance a competitive advantage, positioning the company as a leader in the market. Dejan is more than just a compliance expert; he’s a serial entrepreneur who understands the importance of innovation and creativity in business. 

He holds advanced training in risk management, anti-money laundering regulations, and transaction monitoring from the International Compliance Association and the University of Manchester, UK. His leadership and dedication have positioned him as a thought leader in the cryptocurrency industry.

He is a personable and innovative leader who is dedicated to driving change that benefits consumers and the industry alike.